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With the number of states legalizing marijuana rapidly increasing, dispensary owners are forced to compete more aggressively for customers. From the store design, sales staff and in-store technology, dispensaries and evolving into traditional retailers. As this industry grows, dispensary owners are looking to attract, retain and improve the customer experience.  Check out our weekly round-up covering top stories of this industry as it continues to evolve and mature.

Leafbuyer Technologies Signs Deal with Another Leading Dispensary Chain in Colorado


Leafbuyer is an online platform that helps connect cannabis customers with local dispensary deals and specials. Through mobile-based customer loyalty programs, Leafbuyer helps dispensaries increase brand awareness and sales. Recently, Leafbuyer added Rocky Road Remedies to their growing list of customers. “We are committed to driving business to our customer base as well as providing the best deals for the consumer in the cannabis industry. As a company that helps consumers find quality and value, we are excited to work with Rocky Road Remedies,” said VP of Business Development and Co-Founder of Leafbuyer, Mark Breen.


Resolve Digital Health Inc. just completed a study on their Breeze Smart Inhalers™


As the world adjusts to using cannabis medicinally, companies race to find the best methods of consumption for this somewhat newly-recognized medicine. In August, Resolve held a study at Magnolia dispensary in Oakland, California, to try out their patent-pending innovative vaporizer device. This device will use machine learning algorithms to provide patients with the correct dosage and strain selection for their specific health needs. Robert Adelson CEO of Resolve Digital Health Inc. stated, “The mission of Resolve and our proprietary Breeze devices is to make medical cannabis more medical. Our smart devices are not only responsive to patient needs but also allows greater reporting to healthcare practitioners and researchers” Debby Goldsberry, the owner of Magnolia, commented about the Breeze beta test, “We received great feedback about the product from our medical cannabis patients and staff – we are looking forward to offering Breeze products next year.”



On-demand cannabis: California becoming a hot spot for weed delivery

wV0MzSQF4mi3bD5ZoRlAITLr5AjjE53UXbMiJALeRU88K0jhrqkv5xlMFavIBdmMzz4cOk2Nkd6T5TmPvIka4itQe_nwMYUvqwnGU6fJ06buPIkK2IP2MZxhXbN4-TH2pq_OzCqL.pngA tech company called Eaze, based out of San Francisco, is preparing for marijuana delivery to be one of the most explosive sectors of a cannabis revolution that revolves heavily around e-commerce innovations. With legal sales predicted to grow 2.4x by 2025, Eaze understands that delivery will be an integral, and appealing, avenue for the industry. Certain cities and counties may still hold onto the stigma that dispensaries could potentially be damaging to a neighborhood’s perceived reputation, so the idea of a more discreet option has proven alluring. However, the Bay Area already permits on-demand cannabis deliveries, and it would appear Eaze’s $27 million in funding illustrates investors believe it has a lucrative future. These regions are also helping lead the way for others, like Los Angeles, who could potentially be waiting to see data on the impact of loosened regulations, before following suit.